Creating transition

capacity inside


is our endgame

BOLT began with a question … why do we see great leaders and organizations failing to thrive in the transition of senior roles?

It did not take long to uncover this is a well explored and proven problem with few solutions.

So who’s on it?

While excellent solutions for succession planning, executive coaching, and onboarding exist, there is a distinct absence of an effective, systematic approach to leadership transition.

BOLT defines leadership transition as the strategic handover of the complex system of responsibility, mandate, and momentum from one senior leader to another.

When it comes to innovation in leadership transition and transformation—now there is a better way.

It’s BOLT.



BOLT is driven by an ongoing commitment to successful leadership transitions that produce remarkable results. Together, our team’s skills give rise to uniquely successful transition engagements and solutions.

Jane Halford


What happens when a Chartered Accountant and regulator decides that she needs to be more creative? She steps out of her career and finds herself co-founding BOLT in addition to her commitment to many corporate, public and not-for-profit boards.

Outside of business, Jane’s personal interests include sailing and tennis.

Andrea Mondor


Can we really have it all? As co-founder of BOLT, Andrea says yes, and has dedicated herself to building a world class practice that places people and organizations first and at their best.

While Jane may cite a personal interest in tennis, Andrea freely admits to a tennis obsession.


Our team is a unique bunch. In addition to our diverse professional credentials, our team includes a sky dive instructor, videographer, photographer, BMX rider, yoga enthusiast, cycling referee – our team covers great ground. High performance, strategic, and people-focused. Our team will be there for your transition regardless of its complexity or intensity. We seek challenge.