From concept to execution, BOLT is unique in its offering. 

Embrace innovation

Developed from hundreds of clients, dozens of industries, and diverse technical disciplines, our method is 100% unique in content and experience. We’re innovators. The combining of multidisciplinary professional skills and expertise into an integrated and flexible methodology is what allows us to deliver ambitious and impactful engagements.

Step beyond the individual

Our name embodies the philosophy that senior leadership transitions are enterprise events, requiring coordination and alignment across the board (where it is a board-facing role; the “boss” in other transitions), organization (represented by HR, Communications, IT, and other functions), leaders (incoming and outgoing), and teams. This is the BOLT Framework.

Add leverage

Services exist to assist individual leaders prepare for and enter senior leadership roles. On the whole, these are one to one coaching-based approaches. We believe successful transitions extend far beyond an individual, no matter how experienced or talented the individual. Instead, BOLT works seamlessly with individual leaders as well as your organization and your teams during the intensity of the transition period. Maximize the available time and efforts of your people by combining what you’re great at with our expertise.

Match expectations

Few organizations execute a meaningful, strategic transfer of the knowledge and relationships central to performance in a senior leadership role. Even fewer deliver results appropriate to the level of performance expected in these roles. We work with you to ensure comprehensive knowledge transfer across BOLT’s ten fundamentals of transition, from people and networks to the technical portfolio, and many important stops and nuances in between.

Build capacity for future transitions

Through intensive research and work with our clients we have identified 15 critical factors for successful transition. We inventory your current approach, leverage your existing strengths and work side by side with you in the style that suits you best. Where gaps might exist against these factors, we provide suggestions, resources, tools and leadership to close the gaps.

Five fully integrated work streams, our process is designed to ensure a seamless and senior executive professional experience.
1.  Engagement

We create a custom approach every time to truly engage individuals and your organization in the transition. We complement your existing processes and systems.

2.  Internal Capacity

We work with you to establish internal leadership of the transition, then act as transition advisors. Your team ultimately designs and executes the transition.

3.  Resources

We share transition templates and other resources to fast forward the planning period. Your teams customize these plans.

4.  Advisory

We provide individualized services to your incoming and outgoing leaders as well as tips and tools to others in your organization to integrate learnings from other successful transitions.

5.  Leadership

We provide dedicated expert leadership and oversight to ensure your transition’s success.


BOLT Maturity Model™

Move on up

Many organizations dedicate resources to the transition of the most basic fundamentals. Few organizations execute a meaningful, strategic transfer of the knowledge central to performance in a senior leadership role – BOLT’s top five fundamentals.

BOLT Transition Timeline™

Transitions are complex events: With unique dynamics and impacts.

Each transition is unique and comes to life in a different and definitely non-linear way. We’ve unpacked the critical phases of leadership transition and developed solutions to your key challenges. A deep understanding of the patterns is what enables our comprehensive, yet flexible delivery.