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Seamless leadership transition is critical for your organization – and you’re busy.



One, two, three or more major transitions at the same time, each situation is unique. Add in these changes can be planned, unexpected, or a combination. Further, transitions within the executive office may coincide with board turnover. Amid the incoming and outgoing players and associated dynamics, BOLT is dedicated to, and solely focused on, your transitions’ success.

We work with you in two ways:

  • We lead transitions by integrating with your organization.
  • We build custom solutions for you to improve senior leadership transitions across your organization.

Executive office transitions

Board transitions

What can we start planning? Our CEO’s term expires in 18 months.


Having a full business cycle to plan for a transition is a highly advantageous opportunity to transfer the knowledge of your current leader and build the readiness of your team. Incorporating transition activities as you move through the regular flow of business makes planning efficient for everyone over time. You don’t need to wait to know the name of the new leader before you start taking action.

Our new leader is arriving on Monday. Can you help?


Yes! Your organization is unique and so is your leader. However, there are many actions you can take on day 1 to increase the success of the transition. We start from where you are and build from there. We’ll work with your new leader and their direct reports to maximize the information and resources you have at hand. Then, we’ll supplement with our experience and tools.

Our board chair, half our board and our CEO are changing at the same time. Where do we start?


That’s complicated and it happens! We look at these transitions from multiple lenses. First we start with each role and then we consider how they are connected. It doesn’t matter the pace or order of the changes if we approach the transitions as a connected system.

We have to appoint an interim leader. Do we plan for transition twice?


Interim leadership occurs when someone leaves before their permanent replacement is found or when there is an unexpected departure. The immediate role responsibility will transfer to the interim leader and we can put into place responsive approaches to assist their success. Once the interim leader is in their role, we can plan for the transition to the permanent leader.

What our clients are saying.

From the top guns

“This is impressive. I haven’t encountered as systematic or thoughtful an approach to transition in my career. It is impressive in its thoughtfulness and professionalism — and extremely helpful.”


“Overall, the value of working with BOLT was that we had a high caliber and comprehensive plan. I think of equal or maybe even greater importance is that all our plans and intentions were executed and executed well. Too often in transitions like this a plan is developed but with responsibilities dispersed amongst many people, often best laid plans are not carried out or they are carried out without the preparation and thought that creates the respect and first impressions that the position requires. The feedback I received from our team, including our departing and arriving leaders was that this was the best onboarding process they had experienced in their ( substantial ) careers.”


“We love working with you.”


In the executive suite

“The level of support is incredible.”


“Our new leader has been very vocal about this excellent process – best transition of his career! We are thankful to BOLT!”


“With BOLT, I was ready at three months instead of at six months.”


In the boardroom

“I would recommend BOLT for any important transition.”


“The process has been exceptional.”


“You are really onto something. No one is doing this. ”

Board Chair